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First the Big Dream and then the hidden solicitation. I believe strongly in Catholic Education and that the future of our Faith depends on its existance. Catholic Schools help produce future Clergy and other Catholic Vocations. Every Catholic child deserves a Catholic Education. Today (at least in the US) Catholics have the choice to decide where their children receive an education. I want to make that choice obvious by making Catholic Primary and Secondary Education attractive and affordable.

You are thinking to yourself, "Dream on Brother!". Stewardship can make this happen. Everyone has been blessed with a gift and enjoys sharing that gift. When you share your gift with those that not only benefit but appreciate your your gift the sharing is enjoyed even more. I challenge you to share your Geekness with your parish school or the nearest Catholic school. I volunteer at my parish school to help elimanate the IT costs from the budget. Here comes the solicitation. I am looking to organize a programming effort that will be beneficial to Catholic Schools. My immediate plan is to simplify and reduce the effort of Grant Writing and Fund Raising for Catholic Schools. Keeping in mind to build a framework that can be used in future efforts to solve other software needs.

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Comment by Jonathan Aquino on October 1, 2008 at 10:23pm
"share your Geekness" - love it!
Comment by Mars Tanumihardja on March 16, 2009 at 10:30pm
Scott, do you have enough domain knowledge for what you are proposing to put together a requirements doc? In Lean Agile, we've been using MMF (Minimum Marketable Feature) documents that spell out the User Stories for each milestone. But whatever the format, you could start by gathering and documenting the requirements for such a system. My 6-year old goes to Catholic school, so I'm "invested" in the idea :)


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